Shine at Work: An Introduction

You may be fresh out of college or working (with a number of years of experience). Chances are you have attended many interviews and have landed with a (new) job. Isn’t it a joy of relief? Sure it is, but it is also the start of another struggle; the struggle for establishing yourself in the organization. If you have prior experience, your reputation in the previous organization will not help you establish in the new place. You have to make your efforts almost right from scratch.

Shining at work and making yourself visible to the people that matter (read management) is not a difficult job. It just depends on how you go ahead doing things at work. Remember, there are three type of employees:

  1. These who SHOW they are busy: Most of the employees go to work each day and do only the minimum required to get by. They make a big noise even if they have to put in some extra effort to complete their work. Having managed teams for more than a decade, I have often heard people say “I have loads of work to do, I think I have to skip my lunch today.

In some cases it is true and I often try to provide a helping hand if it is a continuous situation. But most of the time, people barely have work in hand and make these statements to just get the attention and show their co-workers how busy they are when they really are not.  This behavior would annoy any manager.

  1. These who ARE busy: There are some employees who work really hard at their jobs. They work hard and do just what they are asked to do. Things end there. They don’t go beyond their job requirements.

This makes them good employees who you can trust to complete their work on time.

  1. Those who keep themselves busy: There are a handful of employees who gladly do whatever is asked of them and then check if there is something else they can do over and beyond the call of duty. Sometimes they do it even without being asked. They go BEYOND their role!

Which category do you fall into? Dong well at work is not just more getting the job done. It is also about building and keeping a solid reputation and positive relationships in the workplace. Performing well at work will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Your manager and peers will appreciate your efforts. Doing well at work also means investing in your future. It opens the door(s) to promotions and advancement in career.

When you establish yourself in the organization, you should etch a place of your own for yourself. At work, you should be noticed for all the right reasons. The most effective way to do this is to show your employer that hiring you was a great decision.

As of the freshers you might be worried about what the others think of you, if someone else will be better than you, or how you can do better than someone else. What you fail to understand is that initially, you have to concentrate on their assigned projects and do good and quality work. Every individual has their own identity and their own place in an organization. No one can replace you or take your place and similarly, you cannot replace anyone. So instead of thinking of taking someone else’s place, concentrate on making your own place.