Importance of Saying Thank You

Take a minute and reflect upon how often you say thank you. Do you say thank you only to those you love, those you wish to impress, or those you feel are important? Or do you liberally sprinkle your daily interactions with these two golden words?

Before you answer think about how often have you felt upset or cross when someone else failed to thank you for your help? How often have you thought, “How rude of them! They could have at least said thank you.” Or, “After all that I did, that person did not even bother to say thank you.”

If you feel upset when someone does not thank you, you should understand how the others feel when you don’t do it either.  If you have the feeling of gratitude, go ahead and say it. Nothing should stop you saying those two words: Thank you. If it is ego that’s stopping you from saying so, drop the ego.

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
— William Arthur Ward

thank-2Thank you is a ubiquitous phrase. But, it has something truly magical about it. It is very important, because it can mean so much, and can make a person feel valued. It shows your appreciation and conveys your gratitude.

But more importantly, thank you is a sign of respect to the person who has helped you or given you something. That is the reason why most of us feel hurt and let down when someone doesn’t thank us. It makes us feel let down, unappreciated, and probably, unloved.

There are three types of people:

  • People for whom expressing appreciation is a natural response. It is almost like a reflex reaction and so the others may see it as an empty ritual. Actually, it is their way of life. They are people who appreciate small things. They are also aware that a bit of kindness can change the day of another person.
  • The second type, unfortunately, are those who have difficulty displaying their gratitude. They remain mute, leaving the contributor feeling confused, perplexed, and under-appreciated.
  • The third type is the most selfish type. For these people, being polite is about putting on the see-how-good-I-am type of act. These people are typically polite to strangers but not with their own family. They act polite but only for some sort of reward or self-gratification. Also, who they will be polite to depend on what they want because they only want something for themselves.

If you search for the phrase “Saying Thank You” you can get many websites on the subject. It is pathetic that websites have to help people learn how to say thanks. This is probably the reason that even when we do get a thank you, it often almost seems like an afterthought. When thank you becomes a thoughtless auto-response, it loses the narrative of gratitude. The feel of appreciation comes from the tone, the body language, the eyes, the handshake, or the embrace. It’s a wholesome package!

Saying thank you is an everyday etiquette and a simple courtesy that takes just a moment. It costs nothing, not even effort. But it is also one of the most important ways in which we interact with others.  What you need to understand is: forgetting or neglecting to say thank you is outright rude. It upsets and annoys people, it also makes you look bad. However important or busy you are, you have to take the effort to thank people, however, small the thing they have done for you.

Remember, a small effort of appreciation and kindness can change the day of another person. For example, assume that you travel to the office in the morning in an auto or a cab. When stepping out say a thank you with a smile and mean it. This small effort makes the driver a little happier and he will be in a better mood than he currently is in. By making someone else feel important and appreciated, you have the power to brighten up someone’s day in the smallest of ways and that person is more likely to pass on that feeling to someone else. The two words have the strength to change a very bad day into a day of joy.

Many people thank for gifts, special favors, and for assistance in times of need. But it is not only these things where thank you matters. We also need to thank you when someone who holds the door for us, when the shopkeeper hands our change in the store when your child hugs you, or your partner cooks a meal for you. There is nothing wrong in making a person who values you, feel valued, loved, and appreciated.

In one of her TED talks, Dr. Laura Trice stresses about the power of saying thank you and reminds us why we should say it—and ask to hear it—more often. Dr. Trice emphasizes two major points:

  • Most of us really want to hear someone thank us for the things that we do, even if it is something that we are supposed to be doing. Being appreciated is one of those things that really motivates us, both at work and in life, so a little goes a long way if you can offer up a genuine thank you when it’s appropriate.
  • In our relationships, it is very important to make it clear when we want to be appreciated. Otherwise, we run the risk of never hearing it because the other people in our lives assume that they don’t need to say it. In other words, if you feel underappreciated, make it clear to the people in your life that you feel that way—anyone who actually cares about you will be more than willing to make sure that’s no longer the case.

In the corporate setup, acknowledging someone’s efforts with thanks is not only expected, but it is also an integral part of building goodwill. Taking an effort to thank employees, coworkers, peers, managers, supervisors, and customers can make a huge impact on a workplace. It is a small gesture that can mean so much. Showing a little gratitude in the office could be the simplest, yet most effective way to:

  • Increase performance
  • Boost morale
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Promote a healthy culture

Treating co-workers with respect and appreciation is necessary for the workplace. Thanking a peer for his assistance shows appreciation — and will likely motivate him to help you again in the future. If someone takes time from his job to assist you or does an exemplary job, you should also take the time to notify his manager of your appreciation.

Though thank yous are well appreciated, many a time, a thank you mentioned verbally or via email may become routine. While email is easy, take time to send a handwritten thank-you card to your employee, supervisor, or co-worker. Those extra few moments will show you truly value whomever you are thanking in the workplace.

thank-1Since everyone you work with is often on the lookout for some sort recognition—there is really no excuse not to acknowledge the hard work someone put in or the help someone provided. The importance of the words thank you depends on how we feel when saying it and how it is perceived by the recipient.

When you thank someone, it should be a natural, positive, feel-good form of interaction to show you. It should not seem that you are forced to utter those two words. Practice saying thank you. Respond immediately until it becomes a habit.

Saying thank you is a simple task that practically requires no effort  So what are you waiting for? Thank someone today!

THANK YOU for reading this J


Need vs Should

Need vs Should. Yes, it’s a bit confusing, but we can sort it out!

Should expresses advise: a suggestion, a recommendation.  It is weaker than must.


  • We should select cars that are more fuel efficient.
  • We should use reusable bags when shopping

Must express a stronger point of view or opinion. It expresses necessity. It is used when you are compelled to do something.


  • We must redesign engines to be more fuel efficient.
  • The grocery stores must provide reusable bags when shopping.

In short, both should and must are similar in meaning except that must is a much stronger word (in terms of necessity) as compared to should.

The sun is so bright today. I should put on my sunglasses.

The sun is so bright today. I need to put on my sunglasses.

What is the difference between the two statements? Both statements are correct, but the meaning is completely different.

  • When using should you express that it is advisable to wear glasses to protect your eyes.
  • When using the word need you are saying that the sun is too intense for you to bear it. So there is a requirement for you to wear sunglasses.


Gifts for My Daughter

Gifts for My Daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day

Rudyard Kipling truly said, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” But there are times I end up asking myself—Is it so? Am I as good a mother as my mother had been?

I know the answer. It’s NO!!!

However good or bad a mother is, people judge her based on how her child or children turn out to be. I don’t know how I have turned out to be, but I know that I had (yes past tense; my mom left for her heavenly abode about 17 years back) the most terrific mother. She tried to instill the best of human values in me. Thanks, ma!

Starting from the nine months of carrying her children (my sister and me) in her womb, hours of painful labor, and after a harrowing number of years of raising us, baring with our numerous childhood and teenage tantrums, she has been able to make us who we are today. A few words can not describe the amount of gratitude she deserves. I have thanked her for some things, appreciated her for a few others, but there are many little yet special things she did which “then” went unnoticed. I am able to see them now very clearly, but I can’t say anything to her because she is no longer around.

I am now a mother of an 18-year old, but still feel the loss of my mom every single day. There are times when I wish I could pick the phone and talk to her, hear her voice, share my problems, ask her for advice, and even enjoy the silence. I can summarize it as:

The grief is inexplicable
The loss feels unbearable
The bereavement seems never-ending
The lament seems to do nothing
The pain is strong and relentless
The hurt has rendered me helpless
The damage done is permanent
Your death was my life’s worst moment
I miss you, mom,

– Anonymous


About honoring our mothers, Adrian Rogers said: “Obey her when you are young, care for her when she is old and honor her at all times.” Not just the mothers, this is the way we can honor both our parents (mothers and fathers).

Let me end with: happy mother’s day to all the mothers…..

Day 3: Innsbruck (not yet complete)

After a great lunch at an Indian restaurant, we set to explore the city of Innsbruck. Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, is spread out along the banks of the River Inn. With the charming meadows nestled against the snow-capped mountains, the city of Innsbruck is a beautiful sight.

Our orientation tour of Innsbruck included: Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof), Hofkirsche, St. Anne’s Column, Stadtturm, Triumphpforte, and Helblinghaus.

Day 3: Swarovski Crystal Museum (Austria)

Who hasn’t heard about THE Swarovski? Well, I recently found out that there is one person, my husband, who hasn’t heard of the Swarovski’s nor did he know what it was. For those who don’t know or are pretending not to know, Swarovski is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision-cut crystal. It is renowned worldwide for manufacturing crystal products of precision in many different forms, sizes, and shapes, with attention to detail. Their crystal products are the best in cutting, clarity, and brilliance!!

Well, we all, especially the ladies were excited to go to the Swarovski Museum. I am sure the men (read spouses and fathers) were equally concerned. I had gathered some information about the museum and so read about it on the ride to the museum. the drive was really wonderful, watching the scenic beauty and the snow clad mountains.



Swarovski was founded by Daniel Swarovski in the Austrian village of Wattens in 1895. Today, more than 110 years later, it remains a family-run enterprise under the management of fourth and fifth-generation descendants of Daniel Swarovski.


The Swarovski Crystal range includes crystal glass sculptures, miniatures, jewelry and couture, home decor, and chandeliers. The original Swarovski logo was an edelweiss flower. The current swan logo was adapted in 1988.


The Museum (Crystal Worlds)

The company runs a crystal-themed museum, Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds) at its original site (Wattens near Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria). In 1995, for the 100 year anniversary of Swarovski, the multi-media artist Andre Heller created an amazing place with 14 Chambers of Wonder.

The museum is situated in the body of an enormous giant and Archaic figure from the Tyrollean mythology. For Swarovski Crystal Worlds, the multimedia artist André Heller designed 14 underground Chambers of Wonder dedicated to the versatile artistic interpretation of the material crystal.


More chambers were added later! Bathroom facilities are also worth a visit—it is equally spectacular with a WOW effect. Truly, stepping inside Swarovski is like stepping inside a magical crystal world.

  • Daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Last entry at 5.30 p.m.
  • Closed: November 4 to November 15, 2013

Chambers in the museum

The museum took us into a fairy-tale world. The museum is comprised of a series of rooms/sections called chambers, each with its own theme. As we walked from one chambers to another, seeing exhibit after exhibit, we were thoroughly in awe. It is truly a combination of creativity, art, design, innovation, and CRYSTALS.

Chambers in the museum

The museum took us into a fairy-tale world. The museum is comprised of a series of rooms/sections called chambers, each with its own theme. As we walked from one chambers to another, seeing exhibit after exhibit, we were thoroughly in awe. It is truly a combination of creativity, art, design, innovation, and CRYSTALS.

  1. Entrance Hall: The entrance hall at the Crystal Worlds welcomes you to a unique expedition. We were at first upset by the darkness, but as we got used to it, we realized that the darkness emphasized on the lighting of crystals. In the semi-darkness, we encounter glittering crystal works of art by well-known artists. This camber was designed by André Heller as a symbiosis of art and crystal. I remember a few things from this place:
    •  Centenary, the world’s largest ever manufactured crystal is displayed in the middle of the hall. It weighs a massive 300,000 carats. It has a diameter of 40 cm and features 100 hand-polished facets to symbolize 100 years of Swarovski.
    • You also get to see the smallest crystal in the world. This tiny crystal has a diameter of only 0.8 mm and has a cross-section with 17 facets. You can see and admire the largest crystal, but it is not possible to take a photo of the smallest as you have to look through a special magnifying tool.
    • Above our heads, hung a huge and marvellous chandelier, resembling a breathing jellyfish that changes its color. The chandelier weighs more than 500 kilograms.
    • Black Stallion is the replica Chetak, the historical brave horse of Maharaja Pratap. It is decorated with beautiful crystals. Daniel Swarovski Paris, was given the exclusive rights to recreate the precious horse jewel out of Swarovski crystals.
    • The Crystal Wall is the longest of its kind in the world and winds like a spinal column right through the  Giant. Millions of precision-cut crystals sparkle from behind the 11 metre high and 42 metre long transparent wall.
    • The “Crystal bearing Nana” by Niki de Saint Phalle embodies a self-confident, happy and liberated woman who lifts her arm in a defiant gesture. She holds a multi-coloured lustrous crystal in the palm of her hand, which she appears to have grown up with. The crystal in the woman’s hand can be considered as a symbol of felicity. The Nana also carries a phallus, evoking ironic discussion about the eternal interrelation of the sexes.
  2. Mechanical Theatre: The Whitings Mechanical Theatre of of Jim Whiting resembles a mechanical fashion show. The rigid things suddenly spring to life and clothes fly and dance through the air as if by magic. There were garments (covered in crystals) circling the room, mechanical mannequins walking, and more.
  3. Crystal Dome: This dome is a creation by André Heller and Susanne Schmögner. The Crystal Dome offers a kaleidoscope rich with colours.  With 590 mirrors covering its walls, light is reflected in all facets. This breathtaking spectacle is stylishly accentuated with music by Brian Eno.
  4. Winter´s Dream
  5. Crystaloscope: The crystaloscope is the biggest kaleidoscope of crystals in the world. The installation, designed by André Heller and therapist Peter Mandl. It casts variations of images that appear from the ever emerging crystal formations.
  6. Crystal Theatre: Created by Susanne SchmÖgner, it is a stage of fantasy. It is a crystalline fairy-tale world full of colour and mystery.
  7. Crystal Calligraphy: The desire to overcome all language barriers led to the conception of the crystal calligraphy. The verse on the wall of this Chamber is from the poem “The Wine of Lovers” by Charles Baudelaire. The chamber os bathed in blue-green light, by American glass artist, Paul Seide.
  8. Ice Passage: The Ice passage is created by Oliver Irschitz. The mystical passage reveals a very special force of attraction. Each step through the dark room becomes part of the design process. As soon as you set foot on unknown terrain, the icy, glittering world changes its face and reveals its secrets. You become both researcher and explorer. A light follows your each every movement and provides specific insights into a glistening world.
  9. The Giant´s Belongings: Created by André Heller, it tells the story of how the Giant lived before he settled down in Wattens. Some of his precious belongings and, of course, the gigantic little things he took with him on his travels provide information about his past.
  10. La Primadonna Assoluta: It shows two Solitaires in harmony. Against the brilliance of thousands of Swarovski crystals, well-known soprano Jessye Norman celebrated a spectacular performance in the Crystal Dome.
  11. 55 Million Crystals: Here, the world-renowned musician and conceptual artist, Brian Eno, presents a unique artwork. Ambient music, lighting, hand-painted image components and the latest computer technology merge to form a grandiose moving object. According to Brian Eno himself, “I would like to describe my work as music for the eyes, as painting in time, as an experience of the fourth dimension.”
  12. Reflections: Upon entering the Chamber of Wonder “Reflections”, you are immersed in a whirlpool of knowledge. So you can call it the Crystalline World History. Presented on the facets of 48 polygons, the entire world of crystal is documented in the form of pictures, graphics, illustrations and animated films: its origins, fascination and significance for science.
  13. Crystal Forest: Italian video artist, Fabrizio Plessi, gives the chamber a very special touch with a video installation. Plessi´s work unites contrasts from nature and technology —a unique composition made from natural and artificial elements and dedicated to the themes of fire, water and crystal.
  14. Timeless Swarovski: It takes us on a fascinating journey through the history of the Swarovski family. Here we gain interesting insights into the world of jewellery, objects, art and everyday objects. Feel the spirit and fascination of the Swarovski brand up close. The success story of Swarovski is primarily a tale about people with the courage and creativity to turn their visionary ideas into reality.
  15. Design in design: This is undoubtedly the biggest Swarovski shop in the world. It creats an illusion of journey through day and night created by interior architects and designers of Conran & Partners. When wandering around the shop, you will exerience the multifaceted atmospheric pictures of night turning into day and hence you will be guided by the different moods between light and darkness.


If you plan to make some purchases, here is some information:

  • All prices are listed in euro and include 20 percent value added tax.
  • Payment is accepted in all the common forms: common currencies, credit/debit cards, and as travellers checks.
  • Citizens of non-EU states receive tax-free shopping forms for all purchases over 75 euros. So remember to collect your forms from the cash register. Get the forms stamped by the customs authorities before you leave the EU.

After the tour, when we reached the Swarovski shop “design in design”, I found that my husband had disappeared very conveniently. My daughter and I spend some time looking around and admiring the display. Yes, we just window shopped till we received a call from my husband saying that he is waiting for us outside 🙂


After spending the morning at the museum, we planned to spend the rest of the day at Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol. But that was only after having lunch at the Sahib Indian Restaurant!! 🙂


How Safe am I?

This was written by my daughter when she was about 13 years old and blogged it when she was about 15….. I share her sentiments. Unfortunately, the concern is valid even now (she will be 17 in a few months)


How safe am I? People usually question them themselves about safety when they become big enough to be aware of problems around them. But unfortunately, this is a question a female may start to ask when in the womb of the mother, “Mother am I safe?” I am now almost 15 years old. Old? No!! I have been on this world only for 15 years now. All along my life so far I have never seen my parents lament that they have had a daughter. In fact they have always supported me in all the activities I wanted to do, been proud of me, and have motivated me to do better. I know that they are proud of my little achievements be it winning a dance competition in our society or winning the best speaker of the class at school, they are proud of all little things I…

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