I Believe…

I Believe That….

  • There is a little bit of nice in everyone (and probably a bit of evil in everyone too)
  • There is a God (I am not very religious nor do I visit the temples regularly, but I believe in GOD).
  • Miracles happen at times!
  • Rainy days are romantic 😉
  • Everyone needs somebody who loves them (difficult to survive without love).
  • One is never too old for soft toys and ice creams. I still love them.
  • Just because I believe something, doesn’t mean everyone has to.
  • You shouldn’t let others tell you what to do with your life.
  • I am a hypocrite at times!!
  • You don’t have to drink (read alcohol) to have a good time.
  • You don’t have to smoke if you are tensed or worried.
  • The smell of the earth when it drizzles for a while is fabulous.
  • I sometimes talk too much, but still there is always more to be said.
  • I am here to make a difference 🙂

Who will Lick the Wounds?

Orginally written in April 2006.

Disclaimer: I am not against the SC/ST/OBCs. I am against the reservations. The reservation is responsible for making them stand out as a different cast from the rest (even now). This review is a reflection of my own personal thoughts and it is not meant to hurt the sentiments of anyone.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at a few scenarios:

Sports: The newspaper headline screams out: 40% Reservation for SC/ST/OBCs . The article elaborates that the sports ministry has decided that the OBC candidates have to run only 240 mts instead of 400 mts in Olympics. The sports ministry justifies that this is the only way we can bring in more such people to play sports and represent our country. So they are planning to meet and speak with the Olympics authorities to convince them that this is important for India’s progress!

Cricket, hockey, and other sports teams will be revamped to accommodate 49% reservation. Rules will be changed for these reserved category sportsmen. The future? These teams will cease to exist— ’Indian Cricket team will be a matter of history.

Heaven: Up in the heavens, Gods are having a meeting. Narada Muni tells them what had been happening in the earth. That also includes some update about the proposal for reservation for the OBCs in IITs and IIMs. Brahma, the creator wonders, ’’Now, what are they? I remember that we created human brings!’’

Narada explains the concept to him and to the other Gods. The Gods decide that they also have to do something to help the SC/ST/OBCs. Shivji’s wife, Parvatiji suggests, ’’Why don’t we reduce the pains of the SC/ST/OBC women? Instead of carrying the child in their womb for 9 months, they should do so only for 5.5 months.

Glamour world: The leading producers and directors of Bollywood are in a state of panic! The new rule states that out of every 2 films they make, one should have an all SC/ST/OBC cast and crew members. Karan Johar is said to have placed an ad in the paper, internet, and social media for such a crew and he is still waiting for the right combinations for the last 5 years.

The ad world is equally shaken. 49% of the models walking the ramp should be SC/ST/OBC, same goes for the fashion designers and ad photographers.

Pilots: The politicians are in a state of panic. A new rule has been passed saying that there should be a special squad of pilots consisting only of BCs who have come in through the reservation catergory. These pilots have been granted the title after flying half the time required to become a licensed pilot.

The politicians who opened their HUGE mouths without thinking about the future of India, are now refusing to be flown by these pilots.

Theatres, restaurants, theme parks: They are all half full (or is it half empty?) because of the almost 50% reservation for the SC/ST/OBCs. After filling up half the seats, the guard at the restaurants allow people inside only if they show the identity card to prove that they are SC/ST/OBCs. The same happens at the theatres and the theme parks.

STOP IT! Is this the Future of India?

Arjun Singh says the Central government will raise education reservations of the ST/SC/OBCs to 49.5 per cent in India’s premier institutions. Currently students belonging to SCs and STs already enjoy 22.5 % quota. The government is proposing to bring OBCs under the quota regime by giving them 27 % reservations.

In simple mathematics, this means that out of 100 students in one such institute, about 50 students will belong to the ST/SC/OBC. Do these 50 students really deserve to belong here? Probably Arjun Singh may scream a big No in his mind, but outside he grins and justifies his decision. Will this help the backward classes prosper? Or will this lead to more controversy and more diversity.


It is but the truth that one and all, irrespective of caste, creed, color, or language should get the access to good institutions for education, but this is not the way to go about it! Foisting reservations on IITs and IIMs that have over the years built up a reputation of excellence is unfair. The government must go beyond the reservations rant and look for innovative, right, and correct ways of providing equity to such groups. Else, it will destroy not only the reputation of these institutions, but also of our country

Now, India is gaining reputation and is poised to emerge as a powerhouse of academic talent. At this stage, such a decision by a bunch of fools would take India backward by half a century and then it would take another century to reach where we have reached now. This is the time when we have to seriously think and scale down the existing reservations not only in educational institutions, but also in all areas of function, rather than increase them.

Conclusion: I, as an educated Indian, feel that the problem should be tackled at a grass-root level and for the want of tackling the problem. First and foremost make education till class 12 free, if not for all, atleast for the SC/ST/OBC. After this, higher education should be performance based.

Lowering the standards of institutions is not the answer to the upliftment of the downtrodden. It never was and never will be. But the question here is are SC/ST/OBC actually downtrodden? They definitely are not! It is only in the mind set of the politicians when they try to scheme of getting a bigger vote bank!

The other societies have irradiated the caste system over time because they wanted to do it. The Indian politicians have made an this issue and have kept it alive instead of allowing the cast system to die a natural death. Hence I strongly feel that even the reservations for the jobs should be taken away. There should be no reservations — for SC, ST, OBC, or women! It is sheer hypocrisy to create a barrier and then say that it is done so that the barriers can be removed.

Even now, there is a shortage of trained manpower, good teachers, and doctors in India. With the boom in the IT sector, there will be a shortage of good and knowledgeable engineers within a few years. With these reservations, China will soon overtake us in the IT software sector too and we will be left far behind. I wonder what the politicians have to say about it? Will they be in a position to help the industry, the economy, and in short the MESS they have created? Will they help India lick the wounds?

Death: Dealing With It

Many people would say that they are not afraid of death. They feel that death would take them away from the miseries of the world. Some feel that after death they would go to the heaven and that would be the end of miseries of the living world. This leads them to the conclusion that people who are afraid of death are cowards. If that is the case, I am a coward.

To know what is death, one should know what it is be at the threshold of death or has to experience the feeling of loosing a loved one. I have lost not one, but two people who were very close to me, very precious to me, who were the reason of my very existence, my parents!

Death of a loved one is a huge loss. Grief, they say is the natural response to loss. Along with the loss and grief comes an overwhelming wash of negative emotions which makes you feel depressed, despondent, empty, alone, despairing!  You feel the crushing weight that seems to bring your life to a grinding halt. You know your life will never be the same again without the existence of the person whom you love so much, may it be you mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, son or daughter to name a few. You might understand these emotions if you have ever faced a major loss in your life. You sway in the waves of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression. You become angry with God for having done this to you.

Once past the initial phase, grief works to help you process the loss, hopefully moving you toward acceptance. The grief phase is agonizing, often resurrecting painful emotions like fear, denial, regret, anger, sadness, rejection, abandonment and withdrawal. Yet in the midst of this terrible time, grief has the power to change you. It can help you transition into life without your loved one. During this phase you wonder how you can break this mental block, accept the loss, and allow the grieving process to heal. Do you feel you will recover from this loss? Will you have mental peace ever? Do you see some mental respite anywhere on the horizon?

I have seen death very closely, when my mother passed away (at 10.15 pm, on 29th Aug 1998). I felt that death had snatched her through the mesh we had woven to keep her alive, keep her with us. The doctors could not detected whats wrong with my mom. She was ill for a week, hospitalized for a few days, and she just left us.  Even as I looked at the still body, I kept reassuring myself that she is alive, that she would get up and talk to me. It was a difficult time for me. I had to tell myself a hundred times that she is no more…that my mom is not alive any more. Shortly after she died my dad went right downhill. He wept the night she passed away and then he was composed, probably to be the pillar of strength for his daughters. In just a few months, he became very weak, lost weight, and looked much older than he did. He did not say anything nor did he show his emotions, but I could sense that he missed his wife more than I missed my mother.

But, death is one of the hardest parts of living. It is something you never get over, you just learn to deal with it the best that you can. Everyone deals with death and dying differently and there is no one right way to deal with it or I mean whatever way you deal with it is just fine for you. I am close to both my parents, but mom was always there for me (so was dad), but my sister was daddy’s girl. My equation with both of them was the same, but mom was also a dear friend in whom I had confided every minute of my life.

I was slowly coming to in the terms of loosing my mom when my dad passed away on July 18th 2005. They were not old enough to die. My mom was 52 and my dad was 69 at the time of their death. Their deaths were very different.  My dad was a shattered man after my mom passed away. He felt that fate played a cruel game with him and cheated him. He had three heart attacks and was still alive where as mom who had no medical history just went away.

He felt that he had nothing to live for and he stopped taking care of himself. He stopped taking medicines and never went for yearly check up for 7 years. It is a miracle that he lived this long without many problems. My dad just died in a matter of few seconds! His death was unexpected and a total shock to me. I knew that his heart wasn’t in the greatest condition. But he was able to work, walk around and do physical work. I never really knew how much stress he was in. He held the weight of the world on his shoulders.

This was especially hard since both the deaths were so sudden and unexpected. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of them. I miss my mom and dad so much but knowing they are now together once again helps makes thing easier. It does really hurt knowing I no longer have parents but I do believe they are now angels taking care of me and my family. I’m still coping up with the situation taking one day at a time. It is difficult to forget the wonderful years I had spent with them, but I think we should learn to manage our overwhelming feelings of grief, confusion and anger. Else it becomes difficult to move on.

 I did not want to hear from friends and relatives on how sorry they are! I know that explanations on the ways of life seldom console. I don’t do it myself. But there was a time when I just wanted to talk. I wanted someone to listen to me and understand what I was going through and importantly why! I wanted to come out of the depression, the feeling of anger, sadness, grief and more emotions I had no control on. I was extremely angry because I had lost both my parents. I was sad because I loved them. I was depressed because I felt lonely in this world that’s full of people! I regretted what happened because I could not spend much time with either of them.

 I though I could deal with my sorrow by talking about my feeling. I wanted to vent out my thoughts, my sorrow, my anger, my grief—but with whom? My husband did all the duties a son would do and I appreciate and value that a lot. But I was all alone with my pain, my emotions, and my agony! I did not want to talk about my feeling with people who dis not understand. NEVER! I think I can discuss it with a stranger who understands what I feel, but not with a known person who did not even turn back to ask how I felt after the death of my parents.

After the funeral, we returned home (from Trivandrum to Pune), I got into the loop of helping my daughter Soumya in completing her schoolwork, studies, and homework that she missed for the week. Later the rains and the flood related adventures in Pune kept my mind preoccupied over for about a week! I realized that as long as I am busy with work or some task, my mind is under control as it has something else to think about when all that is done, at the end of the day I have time–that is when I get the scenes of time spent with dad running in front of my eyes like a movie and I go into the depression mode. I feel a total emotional loss, which I know can’t be covered.

I decided to take care of my life by burning out, by not allowing thoughts to enter my mind. It was stressful, but better than being depressed! I involved myself in all possible activities that would keep me on my toes—teaching my daughter, cleaning up the house, washing, rearranging, taking work home from office, exercising, reading an interesting book, etc. I did all possible task to keep my mind occupied and went to sleep only when I was tired and felt too sleepy to keep my eyes open. I took care of my emotions and did my mourning all alone. It did help me to keep my balance, but it did not help me to heal. It just made me feel much more lonelier and realize that I am on my own to handle my feeling and my grief.

Ironical as it sounds, I was glad about the floods in Pune because it kept my mind occupied and concerned about it for a week. Infact it kept me worried so much that I could not think of anything else. Then I got busy with Soumya’s exams and her studies for exams. Thus I was busy with not much time left for my mind to wander around and reach my parents. Now, thinking back, I feel that my parents did it for me because they know how I am, how emotional I am, and how touchy I am. For me, all these have been a blessing in disguise. But whatever I feel, I feel lost, yes even at this age, I feel lost!

I was not really able to talk to anyone about what I was dealing with.  I don’t think any one will understand what I felt, how I felt and why I felt the emotions, that built up in me and how I felt about the whole situation. People might have found it strange to see me composed. I did not want anyone else to know what I felt as my emotions were my own. I cried and wept only when I was all alone with just my thoughts for company.

This incident has made me realize the importance of reliable relationships. It is either there or not there—nothing in the middle. You have a company in life just or you have none even if you are always surrounded by people. I feel the despair and loneliness over the loss, but I also know that withdrawing and wallowing in that despair can affect the physical well-being, relationships, spiritual life, and overall ability to deal with living.

Being stuck in despair is like water collecting and stagnating in a pool. It’s a breeding ground for negative, unhealthy reactions to loss—like depression and negative thoughts. I wanted to come out of it…. But it was a part of my life. The more I tried to throw the depression out of my system, the more it became a part of my existence taking a toll on my physical and mental strength.

This incident also has made me realize how important life is and how lightly we take it. Celebrate your existence. Celebrate, for there are people who loved you and still love you very much. Ever since, I have made a decision to enjoy life to it’s fullest. I realized what it is like to be alive, to have the feeling that you are alive when hundreds of people are dying. I could have been the one chosen by death. The actual event of dying is something I would rather not have to endure.

How you deal with a situation and heal, entirely depends on you. Like waves of the ocean that vary in size, strength and consistency, grief keeps your emotions flowing and moving toward healing. Within that wash of grief, you may at times feel a sense of despair. This is not abnormal or unhealthy in itself, but when despair and despondency overpower you, taking control of your emotions, the natural process of grief can be stunted. Probably that’s what happened with me.

I decided to channalize my grief, my negative thoughts, and my negative energies. I began to write the book that dreamt of writing. Within 2 years, I wrote 7 books and had them published too. This was the positive outcome of channelizing my negative energies in a positive manner.

When people are trapped in despair, they may feel like life is no longer worth living. No… If there is life, there is death. We have no control over this. But we definitely have control over our thoughts, how we handle situations and our lives. If you find yourself mired in despondency, and you think you are constantly moving in the waves of grief and are engulfed in stagnant pool of despair, try to come off it. If it is not possible, it may be time to seek outside help.

Ode to Teachers!

Teachers’ Day—is the day we remember the great educationist Dr Radhakrishnan, whose dream was that Teachers should be the best minds in the country. Teachers lay the foundation for creating enlightened citizens for the nation. On this day, I would like to recall a teacher who helped me in shaping my career.

I am talking about Ms. Usha Silas. She was then teaching in Central School, Dehuroad (Pune). She used to teach us English, a subject that was considered to be boring by many of us. She taught us English in classes 8, 9, and 10 and that was when I started admiring the beauty of poetry, understanding literature, and became attached to this language. It happened because of the way Ms. Silas taught us the lessons, the way she explained the poetry to us. I just loved attending her class and hear her explain the lessons, specially the poetries. The once boring poetries started to seem very interesting.

I had always loved the world of books and devoured anything in print (a passion that I learned and inherited from my dad). But since Ms. Silas started teaching us English, the language gradually entered my system. I began to look at it with a different perspective. One of the poems which brought tears to my eyes was Lucy Gray (The Solitary Child). I learned to enjoy the description of nature in the poems by William Wordsworth (which I had always thought to be boring earlier). A poem that was little philosophical, but touched my heart to the core was Ozymandias (by Percy Bysshe Shelley). I just loved the way Ms Silas explained all these poems to us!

I started to write poetries and pen down my thoughts. Then, I did not know what to do with them, but after school, I sent them to the local news papers and have published about 35 articles/poems in a span of 3 years. The way my teacher taught the lessons proved to be a turning point in my life which eventually shaped my profession. Probably Silas ma’m is not aware of it because she intentionally did not sow the liking for the language, writing, and poetry in me. It was the natural way she used to teach.

 I wanted to take up journalism, but instead went ahead to do engineering in Industrial Electronics. The funny thing was that I really couldn’t see myself begin an electronics engineer. But the degree got me my first job as a production engineer in an electronics firm. I worked for over a year as a production engineer. Even during that time, I used to write poems, short stories and articles on various subjects. One fine day (it really was a fine day, because it change my life), I was brooding over what my future had in store for me. I chanced to see an advertisement in the newspaper. It was a requirement for “engineers with a flair for writing“. That was the best combination I could ask for, a combination of both, my educational background and writing that was my passion. I promptly applied for it and landed with the job. Along the way, I discovered this world called technical writing and spent the following years as a technical writer. Very few people (like me) have the privilege to love their job. I have the privilege of combining technology, writing, and engineering all into one job.

 Let me give you another example how teachers can motivate the children. My daughter is now in class 11. When she was in Std 4 in Bishops Co-Ed School, Kalyani Nagar (Pune), she was full of praise for her Hindi teacher, Mrs. Sangeeta Gupta. She told me in her childish excitement, “Mamma, I lost 5 marks in Hindi exam, but still Gupta Miss gave me a hug.” She then wanted to do better in the next term exam. Probably, the teacher herself does not know that this little gesture of hers had unknowingly greatly boosted my child’s morale. My daughter was in all praise for her then class teacher Miss Della D’Souza too. According to her Miss D’Souza was “very-very strict”.  She was also very quick to add in the same breath, “But Miss D’Souza is also very friendly and understanding. She teaches very well. I would like to become a teacher like her when I grow up. I want the children to be a little scared of me, but also like me very much!”  It also shows that today’s children, in all their mischief can differentiate and appreciate certain traits of their teachers.

Children, in their student life spend about 7-8 hours in school everyday. Their life is more influenced by the teachers and the school environment. Hence it is very important that the school must have teachers with ability to teach and love teaching and build moral qualities. Teachers are the guiding lights for the students. The role of a teacher is often compared to that of a potter, moulding the tender souls of the students for a better tomorrow. But very often, we forget that teachers are but human beings. Tensions and stress in their life may sometimes make them short tempered, but still they try to be a friend, philosopher, and a guide to the students.  Hats off to all the wonderful teachers!

Gifts for My Daughter

To my princess with Love (Originally written in Jan 2005, rewritten on January 2010)
My daughter turned 13 in December 2009. I was wondering what to gift her? Video games, VCDs, books, games, etc. These are the things we give the kids every now and then. As I wondered what to do, I remembered my mother (who is now in her heavenly abode). When my daughter was born, mom told me time and again that the best gifts a parent can give a daughter are unconditional love, self confidence, respect, and moral support. At that moment it did not make much meaning to me as I felt that every parent do that. But as years went by, I realized the wisdom in my mothers words. It is easy to make the statement but very difficult to put it into practice.

1. During a party, which was held in the office premises, I showed my daughter, Soumya around and finally we went to my office. She looked around and gave me a hug and gave a kiss saying, “Oh mom, you have pinned this here have you?’’ I wondered what made her so happy and looked where she was looking at—the drawing she made when she was about 4 years old (a fish) and a photograph of hers below that. I don’t think I saw that kind of happiness in her eyes even when I gave her any expensive gift that she longed for. She was extremely happy to know that she was in my thoughts even in the place of my work and that an old and discarded artwork of hers had a place of its own in my office.

As parents, we can show the little gestures to our kids that make them feel loved.

2. Soumya has always loved going to school. Infact the first day at school (LKG),  when we collected her after the school hours, she told us that she had seen the children cry—and she wondered why. So, when one day, a few years back, she said that she did not want to go to school, I was surprised. She said that if she had to go, she would not wear the specs to school.

On asking her the reason why, she said that two boys in her school van teased her chasmis (In Hindi it translates to a person wearing spectacles). I had a heart to heart conversation with her and told her not to be affected by what the boys said. She wanted me to “scold” the guys, but I asked her to handle the situation on her own and told her what she should do. She felt sad that I did not sympathize with her. She was also angry with me for not helping her out.

After a few days she came back saying that the boys have stopped teasing her. It seems she told the boys, ’’So what’s new? I wear specs, so I am a chasmis!’’ and smiled it off. After a few efforts, the boys stopped teasing her!

We parents should teach our daughters to be confident and about facing the world confidently.

3. One evening my daughter said, “Mom, I want you to write a poem for me.” She wanted to give one for her school magazine. I reasoned with her that a poem written by me would be mine, not hers….and she reasoned with me that her class mates brought jokes and articles that their parents downloaded from the Internet.

I knew it was difficult to make her understand. So finally we decided to have a brainstorming session where in she was supposed to give me ideas and I would decide if I could write a poem for her. She went on and on and finally said, “Mamma, I want to write something about what I did from the time I was one year old till now.” So saying she came up with the prose and I later helped her rhyme some of the lines. There, a poem was ready, without much fuss.

When she got her school magazine, she thanked me for not writing a poem for her. She is proud of the fact that the poem was her idea and that she has written the draft. Now she proudly shows it off saying, “I came up with the idea, I wrote, and then mummy helped in completing it.” It is such a treat to see ones child proud of his/her own work (however small it is) isn’t it?

We should spend some time with our children, allow them to express their ideas, and HELP them translate their ideas into reality.

4. One evening, I was in a state of frenzy, I had a deadline the next day and had to finish off some work. Soumya was not keeping very well and so I could not devote the time I planned to complete the work from home at night. In the morning, my husband offered to stay at home that day, but Soumya was persistent that she wanted mama to be at home. So I decided to stay back and work from home (if possible). What can be more important than my little one?

Just as I hugged her and said that I would stay back and be with her, Soumya asked me to go to the office. According to her, daddy would be with her and take care of her just as I would. She then hugged me and whispered in my ears that my decision to stay back ensured that she was more important to me than anything else.

We should let the kids know that we love them and are there for them whenever they want us. Other things are secondary.

5. During 2003-2204, there were many incidents of child abuse (reported) that made life a nightmare for me. Even now, open the newspaper and we get to read of child abuse. It is so difficult to explain to a child to take care of themselves. But due to these incidents, i decided to talk to my daughter about the good and bad touch. She did not understand why I was telling her all that….

…. but in this era, I think this kind of awareness is the best gift we can give our daughters.

Is this Fashion?

Disclaimer: This review is a reflection of my own personal feeling. It is not meant to hurt the sentiments of any particular group, it is meant to hurt the sentiments of anyone. I have not spoken about fashion in men here. Probably some other time!

Musings Fashion? See FTV i.e. Fashion TV, the word coordination cells of my grey cells instructed me. I switched channels in search of fashion… where the hell is fashion? All I got to see is bare breasts bouncing in the name of catwalk (ugh ugh). I covered my face with my hands and slowly peeped out through my fingers. What the hell? Why am I covering my face? I admit my face is bare, but it is supposed to be this way isn’t it? By the time my senses came back and I start thinking, I saw more species with barely covered fronts and backs walking on the ramp. They had no expression on their face and I personally felt that Robots would have done a better job! I was confused, what are they displaying and trying to sell? Boobs or clothes? Can’t be clothes. I barely saw any or was it similar to the story emperor’s new clothes where in people could not see the clothes made by the weavers?

Concern: A voice from the adjoining room brought me out of my thoughts. I could hear my daughter in the next room. She would probably walk in and so I changed channels. Hey! This is exactly what my dad used to do when we watched Miss World competition on TV for the first time. I was at school then. Just as the models would walk in for the swim suit round, my dad would send me to get some water and snacks for him and my sister to get some other unnecessary things! When we were back, the TV would be off for some rest. Not that we did not understand why he did it, but we wondered why exactly was he doing it? Here I am repeating the same. How long would I be able to keep my little one away from all these? Is it possible at all?

Is it Fashion? What looks good on one person may work contrary for another (making them look vulgar or hideous).

Bindi Ramola Sikand of Kahin Kisi rooz rose to stardom because of the artwork she had on her forehead. My husband who is allergic to serials once had a glimpse of it and wondered if the artist was short of canvas that he used Sudha Chandran’s forehead for displaying his artwork! Imagine mistaking a bindi for artwork? Well, some of them (during the initial stages) were cool. Later they took dangerous shapes—snakes, skulls etc. Does this serve the purpose of a bindi? I do not think so.

Mars or from Venus? When most of the TV actress close their eyelids (which they do atleast 60 times a minute), you can see their eyelids in various hues of colors—blue, white, shocking pink, silver, golden, green, black etc. they looks as though they have just landed from Mars (So women are from Mars, not from Venus—I should remember to sent a note to John Gray). Sudha Chandran (again) seems to have made it even more prominent by using white kajal to line her eyes and to draw the tail at the end of her eyes (see K Street….)!

Backless and less and less: Backless cholis are understandable. Have you seen the gypsies, the Indian human variety? They wear backless cholis. So the high society women, borrowed this fashion from them! Now, it is also stomach-less, shoulder-less, side-less leaving just a piece of handkerchief in the front held by strings! Sometimes my fingers itch to pull those stings open!

In pain: Some times you can see fat and old aunties hobbling. They walk ding to the right and then go dong to the left (can you visualize the movement?). There you got it right. This is because they are trying to balance their body mass on the pencil heels! They don’t mind the pain as long as they wear footwear that’s in.

Lord of the rings I have grown up with the understanding that rings adorn the fingers and the ears. Not they seem to adorn the eyebrows, tongue, corners of the eyes, belly button etc. To show off the belly button rings, girls obviously have to wear tops that show their belly to the world. Why blame them. It is the fault of the belly button ring!

Body art: This is officially called the tattoo! Some people prefer covering their bodies with this art rather than with clothes!

If all these is fashion, then I am absolutely not fashionable.

What is Fashion? What the hell is fashion? According to some, Fashion is creativity. According to others, Fashion is just being natural. According to a few other, Fashion is keeping abreast of the new trends. Such a varied definition, so what is fashion?

My idea of fashion I will say that all of them are true. I shall combine them and say that Fashion is the creativity with which you add a little aesthetics in dressing, keeping abreast of the new trends. Wear clothes and/or makeup which make you feel comfortable, but wear it with style, keeping in mind your complexion and your body. Agree or disagree?

Let me end with a line that makes me sound like a grandma, Remember there is this fine line between being fashionable and being vulgar. Learn where exactly to draw the line yourself!