Hello world!

I am an electronics engineer by education but a technical writer by profession. I have authored eight books, three of which are on technical writing.

Once upon a time (long long ago) I was a voracious reader. Now I am, what is called a lazy working mother, reading is a luxury rather than a hobby.

I grew up reading the works of Enid Blyton. Later graduated to Nancy Drew and Hardy boys and eventually it was books by Agatha Christae and Perry Mason books who kept me company while my friends drooled over Mills and Boons (M & B).

I also flirted with literature—Thomas Hardy, G B Shaw, Victor Hugo, Leo Tolstoy—to name a few.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and opinions (my personal views) that I have shared in my cyber world.

  • I am:  
    • A woman, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister (and many more such positions held).
    • An electronics engineer by education.
    • A technical writer by profession.
    • A writer by heart.
  • I love: My daughter, family, friends, books, and love itself!
  • I hate:
    • MILK
    • Hypocracy
    • Egoistic fools.
    • People who are nosey and inquisitive.
    • Iditots who feel they are always right.
    • People with I-Know-All attitude.
    • Jokers who think joke means making fun of others.
    • Human beings oozing with negative attitude and energy
    • General people who play politics (at work or otherwise).
  • I Admire:
    • My later mom for her patience, for being so acceptive, and her ability to forgive.
    • My dad for being there and being the biggest pillar of support in our (my mom, sister, and me) lives.
    • People who have the guts to admit and take ownership of their mistakes.
    • People who can joke about themselves.
  • Best compliment:
    • By my daughter (now a teenager)—that  that she can come to me and discuss/share any problem with me
    • By my mother a week before she died—that I have been an ideal daughter.
    • By my team members (me as the manager)—that I am approachable, a good mentor, and a problem solver.
  • I get turned on by: Genuine smiles and aftershave lotion (specially old spice).
  • I get turned off by: Cruelty, lies, hypocracy, smell of alcohol and cigatrette smoke, unruly behaviour….
  • Favourite Punchline: Jiyo aur jine do…… meaning live and let live (its the philosophy in life)
  • Time pass — Reading, reading, and reading (that is if I have time to pass), listening to my teen-aged daughter, Soumya’s daily chatter, watching her self choreographed dance, blogging.
  • Favourite TV show — Cartoons, chat shows, most of the stuff on Fox crime.
  • Favourite Hindi songs: Hamein tum se pyaar kitna ……, Honton pe aisi baat mein dabati chali aayi…, Laakhon hai nigahon mein, jindagi ki raah mein….
  • Favourite Bedroom line: I am sleepy!
  • What touches me the most: My clothes…. what else?
  • Greatest loss: The presence of my parents (they both left the world early to go to their hevenly abode).
  • Ambition in life: To publish a prize winning novel (bas itina sa kwaab hai).
  • Memorable moment(s): When I became a bride and then a mother. The next in the line was when my first book got published.
  • I’d like to go out on a date: With someone who admires me, excepts me as me, makes me laugh 🙂
  • If I were a thief I would steal: Lots of love, happiness, and peace.
  • I’d like to be reborn as: Mr. and Mrs. Nair’s daughter and as Soumya’s mom 🙂 Don’t mind experiencing another husband!