What I DID NOT Like

We made our first communication for the Europe trip with MMT on 28th Dec 2012. We were told to confirm our booking by 3rd Jan or else, won’t get seats for that schedule of the package. Since we had planned to make this trip, we paid the booking amount of 20,000/- per head on 3rd Jan 2013.

We also had to send out scanned copies of our passport. My husband’s passport was in the renewal process, and so we said that we could give his only by mid Feb. It was agreed. By end Feb, they had all our passport details and then we were assigned to Shweta Grover, Sr. Executive, Outbound Operations. This is when the problems started.

1. Irresponsible: We kept following up to know what documents we need to keep ready for the Visa. Since both, my husband and I are working professionals, we wanted to do it in a proper pace, not in a hurry at the last minute. Finally on 28th March (a Thursday), MMT send a list of numerous documents required to process our Schengen visa and wanted them in 5 days time.

We rushed, got the required documents from the office (remember Sat and Sun were off for us), and send them to MMT.

2. Hopeless Customer Service: We had a tough time interacting with Shweta Grover, Sr.Executive – Outbound Operations. I called the MMT call center, entered my booking ID, and kept waiting for more than half an hour. Nobody took my call. I called again and again. Still no reply. I was always kept on hold for a long time. I wasted so many hours (yes hours) trying to locate Ms Shweta and talk to her about my queries and concerns.

If she would have shared her mobile number with us, we would have been able to locate her quicker and faster, but she refused to do the same. I again sent a curt and crisp email, to which she replied that she has been at her seat and that I must have tried a wrong extension—implying that I am stupid.

3. Non-communicative: After sending the documents for the Visa and transferring some more money, there was total silence from their side. All efforts to contact Ms Simran was futile, she was never at her desk (1800 102 8747 Ext.# 2620) or would never pick the phone—the phone would keep ringing. I actually wasted about a day and a half trying to locate her and talk to her.

Finally I sent a curt and crisp email to her with a cc to all others concerned (emails from the earlier communication). I should admit that when I re-read the email, I found it a bit too rude, but that rudeness got me a reply from Ms Simran on 2nd May. She wrote back saying that she had been at her desk all the while and wondered why we could not reach her. There was also a note saying that they received the passport with stamped visas.

4. Why last minute: Why is there such a delay in processing the Visa? When the booking starts in Dec-Jan, why is it not done at an earlier timeframe? Our friends who were to travel with us and booked their seats in early Dec 2012 did not get their Visas (reason unknown). They came to know about the fact that their Visa has been rejected only by 9th May, that too after contacting MMT.

Right from the start we were in sync regarding all the activities about the trip. When they came to now that we got our Visa, they waited for a couple of days and then started following up. They had started making preparations for the travel as well. The kids were very disappointed to be told just 5 days before the trip that they will not be going.

5. Wrong information: Initially we were told that the full and final payment has to be made a month before the date of departure (which is May 14th of 2013). With barely 2 weeks to go, there was total silence from MMT. We had to follow up time and again about what was happening and the status of the situation? I am very upset by the way things were handled!

6. Not Flexible: After we received our visa, we checked with the trip organizers about the actual date and time of our flight. They said that the tickets were not yet confirmed—they provided us with tentative time and date. This is just a week before we were supposed to leave from Mumbai. So, we requested if we could go to Doha 2 days earlier—we would take care of the visa (my brother-in-law stays there). MMT just had to book earlier tickets for us (as is it was not yet done).

But they were not flexible and refused to do it. According to them it was a group trip. We tried to reason that the people travelling to Doha were coming from different areas in different flights, at different times. The group will be formed from Doha where people from all over India (Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Cochin, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Surat, etc.) would meet. So even if we travel two days earlier to Doha, we could still be taking the same flight from Doha. But no—the lady Simran attending to us refused to even consider the request—some extra work for her I presume. A little flexibility from MMT would have made the trip a little more memorable and enjoyable for us.

7. Careless and irresponsible: We had specially asked for non- vegetarian food on the flight. Having travelled on International flights a number of times, we know that vegetarian food, especially on an International flight is useless. In normal language, it is crap. So, we specially told them not to order vegetarian food for us. When we received our online ticket (after numerous reminders) on 12th May, it showed that they had very conveniently ordered for special vegetarian food—a total disaster.

I immediately complained to the MMT contact (Simran again), who wrote back saying that she had done the needful. But we were served vegetarian food on our flight from Mumbai to Doha and from Doha to Milan and back too. We were literally hungry the whole flight time thanks to some careless and irresponsible person at MMT.

8. Errors: My name on the ticket was Mr. Sajitha Jayaprakash. They changed my sex all together. They don’t even check that info? When we say that this is a family trip with our daughter, how can they book the tickets by the name Mr. Jayaprakash and Mr. Sajitha Jayaprakash—did not feel there was a mistake at all.

I would advice that an educated person, who can read, write, and understand English should take on such responsibilities.

9. Last Minute changes: On the nightof 11th May, we received an email saying that there is some change in the hotel reservations. Some of the hotels mentioned earlier were no longer valid.

10. Wrong promises: Initially we were told that in Europe, each person would get a bottle of water a day. After landing at Europe, we were told that there is no such thing—not even one bottle of water for a family a day. I am not complaining about it, but do not to promise things that is not going to happen.

11. Breakfast: This is the Europe part of the complaint. The first two to three days, the continental breakfast was good. After that, there was barely anything to eat. We had to depend on bread and butter/jam. Things would get over and inspite to repeatedly telling the hotel guys, they would not refill it properly. No scrambled/boiled eggs or fruits. Breakfast was very pathetic indeed. We understand that it is a budget travel, but treat people as human beings.

12.One more day at Paris: Last but not the least, we spent two days in Paris and saw the Eiffle tower and the Disneyland. We would have appreciated one more day Paris to see some parts of the city properly— Arc De Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Grand Palais, Petit Palais, Concorde Square, Magdalene Church, Opera Garnier, Louvre Palace, Conciergerie, Notre Dame Cathedral, Cite Island, Sorbonne University, Orsay Museum, Church of the Invalides, Military Academy, Trocadero Square, and Palais De Chaillot. Also the well known catacombs of Paris. All we saw were a few parts of the city sitting in the bus.

A precap of the European Summer Bonanze at:


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  3. Their call center company professional are hard to cope with and on selecting mistakes do not acknowledge the mistake.

  4. Hi All,
    I and my wife went to European Bonanza from make my trip on 23-Sep-2014. Below are some modular details I am providing.
    Things I liked:-
    • The tour guide was cool and professional.
    • We made our mind that this is an extensive trip not a leisure trip and we wanted that also.
    (So if you are thinking this is gonna be a leisure trip and we will wake up aramse at 9-10 O’clock then forget it, so be ready for an extensive which will cover a lot of places. )
    • The hotels were average, not bad at all.
    • Food is ok for non-vegetarians, vegetarians be careful. You gonna face little issues.
    • The Indian dinner for all the day was more than average. As Indians we can’t eat European food always.
    • The trip was nice. The time allocated to see the tourist places were normal but some placed like Veins, Amsterdam and Belgium you want spend more time. So MMT should increase little more sightseeing time at these places.
    Things I did not like:-
    • MMT staffs who ware coordinating with me before travelling. They are least bothered; sometimes they don’t pick up your call. (So when you talk to these people 1st time then only ask their manager’s number and validate the same. These people are running MMT reputation.)
    • When tour coordinator suggested us regarding the ticket, before I confirm something, she booked the ticket, and in that ticket the halting time was only 45 mnt that to in Paris CDG airport, which is one of the highly crowded airports in Europe.(Always take some time, do your complete RnD, then tell your coordinator to book the ticket. Halting time should be 2.5 hours minimum.)
    • The 1st day was very hectic. We reached Rome at 2 PM. Then we went to Vatican, after that we immediately went for Rome sightseeing, which was very much hectic after 13 hour long flight. MMT can increase one day at least, the person who is paying 1.5L, he can pay another 5-6K more rt. In that way the journey will be very pleasant and enjoyable.

    • Always be with your group but find some separate time for yourselves, in that way you will enjoy most
    • As Indians we have politics in our blood. You will find some people who will be doing politics all the times to modify trip according to them (eg.- we will sleep for more time, we will start late at 10 AM from hotel etc.). By doing this you will lose time for sightseeing and in Europe the coach driver can drive only for 12 hours. So if you get into all this unnecessary crap, then you won’t enjoy the trip.
    • Take care of your children and belongings.
    • Carry some cash always with you, also carry a travel card. At least don’t be greedy when you are on international holiday trip.
    • People, who want very leisure trip, please avoid this one as this trip is good for enthusiastic people and it needs high energy. Always keep this caveat in mind; rather you can go for customized trip.
    • Carry some food and water bottle always, in Europe, liquor is cheap but water is expensive. For beer drinkers and smokers its heaven.
    • In some cases the flights get cancelled at the last moment, same happed to me. So from the beginning check for alternate flight (i.e. if your current flight get cancelled, then what is the alternate option, so that you can reach at your destination in time to continue your trip.)
    o If flight cancellation occurs then call the flight customer care directly as they are responsible for flight cancellation. Tell them to book your ticket in your desired flight.
    o Calling MMT would be the last option as I told earlier, the tour coordinators will behave like they are doing some favour on you and they will unnecessarily mess up things.

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