What I Liked

  1. Effective marketing: The marketing people are very effective. We interacted with Simran Kholi, Holiday expert, who gave us all the information. She was very informative and communicative. She was crisp, quick, and clear in her messages. She passed on her official mobile number to us if we had to get back to her with queries or questions about anything. Appreciate it very much. It was a pleasure dealing with her.
  2. Tour Director: In contrast to the painful interaction and experience with Shweta Grover, Sr.Executive – Outbound Operations, the tour director Manish Vakharia was professional, experienced, and well informed. He ensured that the group mingled to ensure there was a friendly atmosphere. He gave us pointers and told what to do and what not to do, how to do things, how not to do things, etc. which were very helpful.
  3. Indian lunch and dinner: We were impressed by the extra effort taken to arrange for Indian lunch and dinner.  Personally, I would have appreciated an option of having local food for lunch to get the feel of the place and the life style. But then no complaints….
  4. Good hotels: Except for one place, the hotels were good, nice, clean, and comfortable.

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