European Summer Bonanza 2013: An Introduction

Soumya, our daughter is in now entering the 12th grade. Ever since she stepped into 9th grade, people have been bombarding us with suggestions, opinions, ideas, and information regarding how we should be taking care of her current studies and further education. It served the purpose—it did scare me a little.

Knowing what the condition would be after she appears for her 12th exam in 2014, we decided to go for the much overdue vacation this year. In December 2012, we went to the Banasura resort on a holiday with one of our close family friend (Sreekumar and family) from Bangalore. Then, they mentioned that they were planning to go for the Europe tour through Make My Trip (MMT). They had already paid the booking amount.

We thought it would be a good idea to go for the trip as we will have a good company too. That’s how we ended up signing for this trip. Unfortunately, their visa was rejected. Jayaprakash was on the verge of cancelling our trip as well, but finally Soumya coaxed him to proceed with it.

The itineary was as follows:

Well, our flight from Mumbai to Doha was on 14th May 2013 4.00 am. Then we went from Doha to Milan. We reached Milan at 14th 2.00 pm (local time). We were supposed to meet our Tour Director Manish Vakharia at Milan Malpensa Airport outside the arrival area. that’s when we realized that we were a group of 47 from India for this trip. Since it was only 2.00 pm, Manish decided to take us around Milan and we all readily agreed.

Europe’s climate is temperate. However, there are differences in the climates of different regions. Most rainfall takes place in the Alps and in a band along the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia to the west coast of Greece. Most rain takes place in the summer, due to westerly winds from the Atlantic that hit the British Isles, the Benelux, western Germany, northern France and south-western Scandinavia.

The best time to visit Europe is in the summer. In July-August, most places have average highs of around 23-24°C, but these temperatures cannot be taken for granted. In any case, in India, the summer vacation is in April and May. So these are the months we can travel to Europe and enjoy a good holiday. So our holiday package was from 14th to 26th May 2013.

Somethings to remember:

  • Carry a nice woollen jacket. Most of the time it is cold and windy. It is specially necessary, if you are from south of India where there is no Winter.
  • Carry comfortable walking shoes. In some plcase you have to walk a lot
  • Also carry a cap, sunglasses, and an umbrella.
  • If you plan to go to Mr Titlis or Jungfraujoch, carry a nice wollen cap or muffler and a pair of gloves. You WILL need it.
  • Have some small currencies (in Euroes). Except for a couple of places, you will have shell out 0.7 to 2 Euroes to use the public restroom.
  • Take good care of your handbags and your purces—there are a lot cases of pickpocketing.
  • Just in case you haooen to loose your bag, quickly check the trash cans. Chances are that the person who has stolen your bag will quickely remove the valuables and trhow the bag in the trash can. You mught be able to retreive your valuable documents.
  • In most places, soecially Milan, Venice, etc, you don’t have to worry about carrying water bottles as you will see water fountains at most of the places where you can drink water.

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  2. Hi Sajitha,

    I was just looking at the option of Make my trip’s European Bonanza. I want to have a live chat with them but I am in queue since the past 20 minutes. I spent this time to read your experience with them and have a quick read about your Euro tour. Must say its very impressive, thanks for the tips!

    • Thanks! I am glad that you found the tips useful 🙂
      Well, it is painful trying to talk to the MMT guys, but if you have a good tour manager, and a good group to travel with (a were were fortunate enough to have), you will enjoy the trip and have fond memories!

  3. Very nice Post Mam. Just last month, we went by same package (E.Bonanza)through MMT. I almost had the similar experience (good and bad) with them. Overall we njoyed the trip. Compared to other tours, it is paisa wasool.

    Good : Indian Lunches all through, well organized by tour manager, Most hotels (Austria and Swiss were the BEST)

    Bad: Tour is not operating from BLR (so extra airfare to Mumbai), Hotel in Germany was pathetic, Return from Geneva (nothing much to see and long drive from Paris) instead a free time in paris would have been better.

    Mam, Eager to see your other posts so that I can recollect some names of locations in Belgium and germany 😉 Have loads of Pix. Planning to write a Photo story of my europe tour.

    • Hello Mr. Prakash,

      Yes, I agree there were pros and cons about the European Summer. The last leg to Geneva is indeed a waste of time. We too felt that spending a day or two at Paris would have made the trip more effective!!

      Yes, i have written only about two places. Yet to write about the rest of the trips. Shall try to complete them soon….


  4. Hi, I just made this Generic Video of my trip. Guess it might be useful to ur Blog as well.

  5. Hi Sajitha,

    We are planning Europe trip this summer. Ur travelogue with pics are so inviting and very detailed.Wish u had written the remaining days of the trip as well..

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