Shine at Work: Guidelines 1

Instant gratification may be the buzzword, but it is not going to help you at your workplace.  You may be fresh out of collage or working professional with a number of years of experience, whatever the case is, you will have to prove yourself in an organization. Those with experience may have some idea what to do to shine at the work place and make your presence felt.

Let the management feel that they have made the right choice by selecting you. They are happy, you are happy and all are happy. All is well if it ends well isn’t it? But how does this happen? You need to follow some guidelines to shine at work.

For those who don’t know, here are some pointers:

  1. Get a feel of the big picture
  2. Understand the business
  3. Be positive
  4. Create your own identity
  5. Have the right attitude
  6. Be a team player
  7. Be valuable
  8. Be reliable
  9. Communicate proactively
  10. Show enthusiasm
  11. Be flexible and adaptable
  12. Take initiative
  13. Work hard
  14. Get out of your comfort zone
  15. Do not be a politician
  16. Avoid stress
  17. Do not complain or criticize unnecessarily
  18. Serious
  19. Be courteous
  20. Use the right words

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