Working from Home: Guidelines for Managers

Managers and supervisors should consider certain guidelines when you review the work from home arrangement for a particular position or employee. Work-at-home arrangement should be customized based on the need to the department and the employee’s need for flexibility.

It is important to carefully consider the situation on a case to case basis. Interdependence of tasks within a department and with other departments must be considered.

About Job/Department:

Employees working as front desk executives or in the support teams who receive customer calls, administration personal, human resources, etc. cannot work from home as their work unfortunately does not allow that type of flexibility. However good they are at work, the nature of their work is such that they have to be physically present at the office.

In other departments also, work from home can be allowed only after considering many factors like the type of the project, its complexity, the schedule pressure, and many other project and person related factors. Some of them are:

  • Does the work profile allow the person to work from home?
  • Is the job well suited for such an arrangement?
  • Does this arrangement serve our customers?
  • Is there interdependence of tasks with other teams? If yes, will work be delayed or affected?
  • How does this arrangement affect the interaction with co-workers and other employees?
  • Do you have to budget money for the additional equipment and work-at-home costs?
  • Will the employee working at home be easily accessible to the LC community?

About the employee:

The manager has to take into consideration a few factors before allowing the employee to avail the work from home facility, even for a short duration depending. The manager has to check if the employee is:

  • Important to your team that you need to allow this arrangement?
  • Self-motivated and results-oriented?
  • Comfortable setting priorities and deadlines?
  • Able to work independently with minimal supervision?
  • Has the employee been successful in their current position?
  • Familiar with the organization’s procedures?
  • An effective communicator who takes initiative?
  • Adaptable to change?
  • Have strong time management and organizational skills?
  • Have strong computer skills?
  • A person who has a strong need to be visible in the organization and needs frequent social interaction?

Employees using the work from home facility must increase their personal productivity levels. The supervisor should set clear and measurable objectives and judge the employee’s performance based on the results and not the time spent accomplishing the results.


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