Book 7: Choosing the Right Career

Table of Contents of the Book: Choosing the Right Career


Some people instinctively know which career they want to go into. For many, the decision is not always so simple. Choosing a right career is not an easy job as many of you may think it to be. Many people think they know the right way to go about selecting an occupation, but they often wind choosing a career that is unsatisfying. When deciding which career you want to take up, it is important to take the time to think about what appeals to you, and decide which jobs fit in with your talents and strengths. Since you will be spending a major portion of you day at work, try to choose a career that will keep you stimulated and interested in the long term.

The book tries to demystify the misconception most of you may have about careers. It does not tell you how to look out for a career, instead it will help you do a self-introspection, make career assessment, and decide what is right for you. How? Check it out!

Chapter 1. Career Myths
Chapter 2. Making your Choice
Chapter 3. Career Assessment
Chapter 4. General Skills Sought by Employers
Chapter 5. Planning your Career
Chapter 6. Career Decision
Chapter 7. Career Choice
Chapter 8. Changing Jobs
Chapter 9. Searching Strategies
Chapter 10. Guidelines
Chapter 11. Coping with Stress
Chapter 12. Career Listing

Details for Purchasing the Book:
Published: 20th December 2009
Publisher: Himalaya Publishing House (October 2009)
Pages: 200
Cost Rs 125/-

Can purchase it by contacting their local offices at:

  • Delhi (011-23270392, 011-23278631)
  • Pune (020-244966333, 24496323)
  • Bangalore (080-22281541, 080-22385461)
  • Hyderabad (09848130433)
  • Chennai (044-28144004, 044-28144005)
  • Nagpur (0712-2721215)
  • Mumbai (022-23877178)

Also available at:

3 Responses

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  2. I liked this book so much . It helps many students and parent to choose right path in a career.

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