Book 5: Interview Skills

Table of Contents of the Book: Interview Skills

Great interview skills are not developed overnight. They improve with time and correct application. People who consistently succeed at interviews are those who take the time to prepare their own answers rather than simply using answers they have read or heard else where. Those answers should only act as a guideline and be a point of reference. It is important for you to know that the more you think about your answers and the more you practice them, the better you will become in answering to the interview questions.

Whether you have recently passed out from college or you are an expereinced professional, this book will show you how to prepare highly e ective answers and how to deliver them in a confident manner while establishing a good rapport with interviewers. The book aims to make you aware of the realities of the interview process and help you in improving your interview skills. It discusses the myths regarding interview, common interview mistakes, different interviewing techniques and lots more.

This book contains suggestion and guidelines about attending and facing interviews. It also tells you want to do and what not to do during an interview. In addition to teaching you how to respond to popular interview questions, this book also tells you the need to establish rapport and trust during the course of the interview. How? Check it out!

Chapter 1. Interview: An Overview

Chapter 2. Interviewing Techniques

Chapter 3. Types of Interview 

Chapter 4. Interview Myths

Chapter 5. Common Interview Mistakes

Chapter 6. Ten Steps to Getting Prepared

Chapter 7. Telephone Interviews

Chapter 8. A Dozen Tips for the Ceremoney

Chapter 9. Building Rapport and Trust

Chapter 10. Negotiating THE Salary

Chapter 11. Do`S and Don`ts

Appendix A. Questions You May Be Asked

Appendix B. Answers to Common Questions

Appendix C. Interview Forms

Details for Purchasing the Book:

Published: 5th December 2009
Publisher: Himalaya Publishing House (October 2009)
Pages: 230
Cost Rs 150/-

Can purchase it by contacting their local offices at:

  • Delhi (011-23270392, 011-23278631)
  • Pune (020-244966333, 24496323)
  • Bangalore (080-22281541, 080-22385461)
  • Hyderabad (09848130433)
  • Chennai (044-28144004, 044-28144005)
  • Nagpur (0712-2721215)
  • Mumbai (022-23877178)Also available at:

 Also available at:


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