Book 4: The Art of Writing a Resume

Table of Contents: The Art of Writing a Resume


There are many perceptions about writing resumes. Though there is no dearth of books on this subject, there is definitely a lack of good reference books written by people with industy experience those who actually review the resumes, conduct interviews, and select candidates. After interviewing and recruiting technical writers for many years, I have come to recognize quickly what impresses me and what does not, what makes me consider a candidate, what makes me call a candidate for an interview, and what immediately closes the door on the candidate. The information presented here is base on my experiences with resumes.

Chapter 1. Resume-What is it?

Chapter 2. Myths and Misconceptions

Chapter 3. Errors While Creating Resumes

Chapter 4. Formatting The Resume

Chapter 5. Contents of A Resume

Chapter 6. An Electronic Resume

Chapter 7. Cover Letter

Chapter 8. 25 Tips For Creating Resume

Chapter 9. Fudging Resume

Appendix A. Resume Questions

Appendix B. Action Verbs

Appendix C. Quick Summary

This book is different because it is the result of practical expereince. Moreover, it does not directly start telling you how to create a workable resume. Instead, it will tell you:
  •  The purpose of the resume.
  • What it is and what it is not.
  • The commonly made errors while creating resumes.
  • The myths and the misconceptions associated with the resumes.
  • Some tips on creating usable, focussed, and impressive resumes.
  • How to create an impressive resume.
  • The importance of using action words.
It will make you think out of the box and will help you make a well thought about decision before you start writing a resume. Once you understand the skills and characteristics that most employer seek, you can tailor your job search communication your resume, cover letter, and interview language to showcase how well your background aligns with their requirements.

 Details for purchasing the Book:

 Publisher: Himalaya Publishing House (Feb2010)
Pages: 132
Cost Rs 92/-

Can purchase it by contacting their local offices at:

  •  Delhi (011-23270392, 011-23278631)
  • Pune (020-244966333, 24496323)
  • Bangalore (080-22281541, 080-22385461)
  • Hyderabad (09848130433)
  • Chennai (044-28144004, 044-28144005)
  • Nagpur (0712-2721215)
  • Mumbai (022-23877178)
You can also buy it from:

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