Book 3: Remote Working In Documentation Team

Table of Contents of Book: Remote Working In Documentation Team

 There are many books in the market about managing documentation teams, but unfortunately none of them cater to the needs of the Indian managers or the remote management who plan to set up documentation teams in India. When discussing the documentation management in a wider perspective, we have to consider the differences in the work culture in India and theWestern/European countries.

This book has been written keeping in mind the business mind set in India, the work culture that is practiced here, the basic skills and experiences of the technical writers, and their educational background. This book tries to focuses specifically on a number of requirements that are crucial for virtual teams that operate because of business requirements across the boundaries of time, space, and culture, without the benefits of real time and face-to-face interaction.

It also tries to provide a framework of key principles that addresses some of the common challenges faced by such teams and the management who work remotely/virtually and help them work and collaborate successfully across boundaries.

Chapter 1. Remote Working

Chapter 2. Remote Management

Chapter 3. Collaborative Work

Chapter 4. Challenges of Remote Management

Chapter 5. Recruitment Problems

Chapter 6. Management Differences

Chapter 7. Effective Remote Management

Chapter 8. Strategic Planning

Chapter 9. Guidelines for Remote Working

Chapter 10. Developing Managerial Qualities

Chapter 11. Characteristics of a Good Manager

Chapter 12. Management Mantras

Chapter 13. Ethics of Technical Publication
Chapter 14. Conducting Performance Reviews 

Who Can Use This Book


 This book can be used by:

  1. The Indian managers, who are responsible for recruiting technical writer(s) for a start up team. If you are responsible for setting up a documentation group, this book will give you a basic idea about the skill sets and the other details you may not be aware of to help you in recruiting the right candidate to work in a global setup.
       – Types of remote team
       – Challenges and pitfalls of remote team
       – Working with the managers and teams in remote locations.
  2. Remote managers (managers in the other countries) who:
       – Are planning to set up documentation teams in India.
       – Are planning to outsource or off-shore work to India.
       – Work in coordination with the team located in India.
  3.  Remote and Indian managers will find this this book useful as it explores how to make a dispersed team successful, including:
       – How to successfully manage a remote team
       – Using technology in remote teams
       – Other tips for successfully managing the remote team.
       – Working with the managers and teams in distant locations.

How Will This Book Help You

This book will give you an overview of the management perspective. This book contains information about:

  • Difference about working in a local team and international remote teams
  • Communicating effectively
  • The importance and role of the local manager
  • The impact of cultural diversity
  • Team spirit, relationship and trust
  • Setting up an international remote team
  • Work culture, remote working, and other work related topics.
  • Hiring, training, and motivating the writers.
  • The dynamics of international meetings
  • Developing cooperation and trust across teams in various locations
  • Remotely involving, coaching and developing team members

Details For Purchasing the Book:

Publisher: Himalaya Publishing House (July 2009)
Pages: 265

Cost Rs 270/- for paperback

Rs 850/- for hard bound

Can purchase it by contacting their local offices at:

  • Delhi (011-23270392, 011-23278631)
  • Pune (020-244966333, 24496323)
  • Bangalore (080-22281541, 080-22385461)
  • Hyderabad (09848130433)
  • Chennai (044-28144004, 044-28144005)
  • Nagpur (0712-2721215)
  • Mumbai (022-23877178)

 Also Available at:


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