Book 2: Technical Writing—Management Perspective

Table of Contents of Book: Technical Writing—Management Perspective

There are many books in the market about transition to management roles and about managing documentation teams, but unfortunately none of them cater to the needs of the Indian managers or the senior writers who are getting into the management roles. The books written on this subject by non-Indian authors are very informative and useful, but when discussing the documentation management in a wider perspective, we have to consider the differences in the work culture, management policies, and recruitment processes in India and the Western/European countries. This book has been written keeping in mind:
  • The business mind set of people in India.
  • The work culture that is practiced in India.
  • The basic skills and experiences of the technical writers.
  • Career prospects and advancement in the local market.
  • Management policies including recruitment, advancement, conflict management, working from home, etc.

Chapter 1: Skills of a Technical Writer

Chapter 2: Technical Writing As a Career

Chapter 3: Transition to Management

Chapter 4: Recruitment Process

Chapter 5: Conducting Interviews

Chapter 6: Probable Questions

Chapter 7: Understanding Documentation Process

Chapter 8: Collaborative Writing

Chapter 9: Starting a documentation Team

Chapter 10: Building an Efficient Team

Chapter 11: Maintaining a documentation Team

Chapter 12: Need for translation

Chapter 31: Planning for translation

Chapter 14: Setting up a Localization Team

Chapter 15: Translation Process

Chapter 16: Translation Guidelines

Chapter 17: Translation Checklist

Chapter 18: Making the Documentation Team Visible

Chapter 19: Setting the Growth Path

Chapter 20: Conflict Management

Chapter 21: Working from Home

Who Can Use This Book

This book can be used by senior writers, team leaders, recruitment managers, and human resources personals:

  • The Indian managers, not related to documentation, who are responsible for recruiting technical writer(s) for a start up team. If you are responsible for hiring technical writers to help in setting up a documentation group, this book will give you a basic idea about the skill sets and the other details you may not be aware of, to help you in recruiting the right candidate.
  • Remote managers, that is, managers in the other countries who want to get an insight about the recruitment process, technical writing as a career, and management policies followed in India.
  • Senior writers who are:
              – Transiting to management roles.
              – Responsible for recruitment.

              – Setting up a documentation team, but with no recruiting/mentoring experience.

Details For Purchasing the Book:

Publisher: Oxford Publishers
Pages: 300
Cost: Rs 395/-

Available at:

  • Bangalore – Sapna Book House, Gangarams Book Bureau, Higginbotham
  • Pune – Pragati Book Centre, Universal Bookseller
  • Chennai – Higginbotham
  • Noida – Galgotia
  • Hyderabad – Universal Book Showroom, Koti & Book Selection Centre

You can also buy from:


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