My broken Heart (Poem)

(Written in 1990. These were the emotions of a close friend which I translated to a poem. Thankfully, it made her laugh!)

I sat with a needle and thread,
to mend my broken heart.
I tried to stitch them,
but it still lay apart.

I bought some nuts and bolts
to fix my broken heart
I tired my level best,
but it still lay apart.

I then tried balms, cellotape
and even plaster of paris.
But alas! It still lay apart
after every possible repair.

It was then I asked for your love,
to soothen my damaged heart.
But you refused politely,
and said, let them lay apart.

I had etched you name on my heart.
It was a painful process.
But I was blindly in love,
to think of the consequences.                    

Now, you can’t see the cuts.
But that does not mean it’s healed.
The pain is buried deep within
and the wound is very much concealed.

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