Is this Fashion?

Disclaimer: This review is a reflection of my own personal feeling. It is not meant to hurt the sentiments of any particular group, it is meant to hurt the sentiments of anyone. I have not spoken about fashion in men here. Probably some other time!

Musings Fashion? See FTV i.e. Fashion TV, the word coordination cells of my grey cells instructed me. I switched channels in search of fashion… where the hell is fashion? All I got to see is bare breasts bouncing in the name of catwalk (ugh ugh). I covered my face with my hands and slowly peeped out through my fingers. What the hell? Why am I covering my face? I admit my face is bare, but it is supposed to be this way isn’t it? By the time my senses came back and I start thinking, I saw more species with barely covered fronts and backs walking on the ramp. They had no expression on their face and I personally felt that Robots would have done a better job! I was confused, what are they displaying and trying to sell? Boobs or clothes? Can’t be clothes. I barely saw any or was it similar to the story emperor’s new clothes where in people could not see the clothes made by the weavers?

Concern: A voice from the adjoining room brought me out of my thoughts. I could hear my daughter in the next room. She would probably walk in and so I changed channels. Hey! This is exactly what my dad used to do when we watched Miss World competition on TV for the first time. I was at school then. Just as the models would walk in for the swim suit round, my dad would send me to get some water and snacks for him and my sister to get some other unnecessary things! When we were back, the TV would be off for some rest. Not that we did not understand why he did it, but we wondered why exactly was he doing it? Here I am repeating the same. How long would I be able to keep my little one away from all these? Is it possible at all?

Is it Fashion? What looks good on one person may work contrary for another (making them look vulgar or hideous).

Bindi Ramola Sikand of Kahin Kisi rooz rose to stardom because of the artwork she had on her forehead. My husband who is allergic to serials once had a glimpse of it and wondered if the artist was short of canvas that he used Sudha Chandran’s forehead for displaying his artwork! Imagine mistaking a bindi for artwork? Well, some of them (during the initial stages) were cool. Later they took dangerous shapes—snakes, skulls etc. Does this serve the purpose of a bindi? I do not think so.

Mars or from Venus? When most of the TV actress close their eyelids (which they do atleast 60 times a minute), you can see their eyelids in various hues of colors—blue, white, shocking pink, silver, golden, green, black etc. they looks as though they have just landed from Mars (So women are from Mars, not from Venus—I should remember to sent a note to John Gray). Sudha Chandran (again) seems to have made it even more prominent by using white kajal to line her eyes and to draw the tail at the end of her eyes (see K Street….)!

Backless and less and less: Backless cholis are understandable. Have you seen the gypsies, the Indian human variety? They wear backless cholis. So the high society women, borrowed this fashion from them! Now, it is also stomach-less, shoulder-less, side-less leaving just a piece of handkerchief in the front held by strings! Sometimes my fingers itch to pull those stings open!

In pain: Some times you can see fat and old aunties hobbling. They walk ding to the right and then go dong to the left (can you visualize the movement?). There you got it right. This is because they are trying to balance their body mass on the pencil heels! They don’t mind the pain as long as they wear footwear that’s in.

Lord of the rings I have grown up with the understanding that rings adorn the fingers and the ears. Not they seem to adorn the eyebrows, tongue, corners of the eyes, belly button etc. To show off the belly button rings, girls obviously have to wear tops that show their belly to the world. Why blame them. It is the fault of the belly button ring!

Body art: This is officially called the tattoo! Some people prefer covering their bodies with this art rather than with clothes!

If all these is fashion, then I am absolutely not fashionable.

What is Fashion? What the hell is fashion? According to some, Fashion is creativity. According to others, Fashion is just being natural. According to a few other, Fashion is keeping abreast of the new trends. Such a varied definition, so what is fashion?

My idea of fashion I will say that all of them are true. I shall combine them and say that Fashion is the creativity with which you add a little aesthetics in dressing, keeping abreast of the new trends. Wear clothes and/or makeup which make you feel comfortable, but wear it with style, keeping in mind your complexion and your body. Agree or disagree?

Let me end with a line that makes me sound like a grandma, Remember there is this fine line between being fashionable and being vulgar. Learn where exactly to draw the line yourself!


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