Bringing Up My Daughter

(Written in the year 2002)

The day I first held you in my arms,
close to the my joyful heart.
My life changed for the better,
That I knew for sure and felt.

I want to bring you up the best I can.
That is not an easy job in today’s world.
I want you to know right from wrong,
and not worry about what your life would hold.

I want you to question when you believe something
to be wrong, and ask for an explanation why.
If you makes a mistake I want you,
to admit it and apologize promptly.

I will encourage you to become anything
that you may want to be.
You can be a nurse, but I shall ask why not be a doctor,
or be the engineer instead of being a secretary?

You can become anything you are pasionate about
a singer, actor, or an dancer.
To be the best in whichever field you choose
is all that matters.

I hope when you are of my age,
You is not judged by your looks or the shape of your legs,
but the goodness of you soul
and on the depth of your skills.

If you chooses to be a housewife,
it is a full time job—that you should know!
There is nothing wrong in being at home
It’s a wonderful decision to do so.

I want you to love music and art (as I do),
and to see the world through the eyes of another.
I want you to know that hatred
is an unacceptable behavior.

I want you to know, that it is a crime
to be assaulted by any one.
If it happens to you from the man whom you love,
pack your bags and leave.

I want you to enjoy and know
the differences in the people of the world.
Not to judge someone because
of their looks, caste, or creed.

You have to learn that though we are different,
we all feel the pain and bleed red.
Early in your life, is the time to lay
the foundation to all the above said.

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